Start Recycling Like A Pro

Earn store-redeemable points as you recycle and donate to our material supply.

''What's What,,

WeCycling boasts a 100% zero-emission recycling pick-up service using electric bicycles and a touch of common sense. We service the entire canton of Geneva (as a start) and are aiming to expand around the country in due course. 

We offer two services: Donate To Create & Pro Pickup.

Donate To Create
Pro Pickup
Image by Alexander Schimmeck

"Donate To Create" is a free pick up service which targets a limited range of materials that can be upcycled into products. KlimaKookies points are credited per KG/type of material.

Image by John Cameron

"Pro Pickup" is our paid pick up service which offers a quick, easy and eco-friendly solution for only 10 CHF/pickup or 28CHF for 3 pickups a month, to take recyclable goods off your hands for disposal responsibly or upcycled (where possible).

KlimaKookies are also accumulable for non-upcyclable materials but are calculated per pick up rather than per KG.

Donate To Create
Or Try Pro Pickup
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We currently only collect within the Canton of Geneva.
Dates and time slots are subject to availability. You will receive an SMS within 30 minutes of booking your pickup, confirming your reservation.